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PRI partners with your facility to provide vital insights into your organization’s controlled substance operations and procedures by conducting the following primary services:

We take pride in knowing that with your proactive involvement, a partnership with PRI will result in the following:

  • Patient safety
  • Reduced risk exposure, negative publicity, and liability
  • Minimized federal and/or state civil fines
  • Rapid identification of individuals engaging in improper or criminal behavior
  • Regulatory compliant advice and support
  • Identifying policy and control failures for easy correction, with best-practice recommendations aligned with DEA requirements and federal/state regulations.
  • Assisting your facility with processes and procedures to effectively combat potential diversion by pharmacy and nursing staff.
  • Addressing long-term risk exposures strategically, along with recommendations for achieving resolution goals.
  • Repeat audits every six months in order to ensure continued compliancy
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