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Maintaining a controlled substances regulatory compliant healthcare facility requires four highly specific skills:

  • Extensive experience with pharmacy operations across organizations of all sizes and operating environments
  • Regulatory expertise, specifically with DEA, state, and other government organizations
  • Legal knowledge centered around controlled substance diversion policies, procedures, and documentation
  • Pharmacy-specific data analytics spanning the industry’s most-used controlled substance investigatory tools

That’s Pharmaceutical Records Incorporated. We stand as the premier Controlled Substance Regulatory Consulting Firm, offering national coverage and over 25 years of extensive clinical expertise across all essential skill sets. This unique combination enables us to quickly assess your organizations’ potential exposure through:

  • Audits of systems, policies, and procedures to ready organizations for federal and state DEA Inspections or investigative audits
  • Comprehensive support for improving operations in alignment with industry best practices to minimize potential fines and liability issues
  • Detailed analysis of distribution data to identify unusual patterns typically associated with diversion, theft, or abuse

Equally important, we partner with your team throughout this process to ensure your organization remains informed on all regulatory changes and updates for continued compliance.

The result is dramatic cost savings in potential fines and significant reductions in risk exposure. That’s why we’re the go-to resource for facilities of all sizes, coast-to-coast.

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