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Your retail pharmacy orders thousands of doses of controlled substances on a daily basis and is accountable for every single dose of these medications. If DEA conducted a surprise, detailed audit of your pharmacy, what would they uncover? PRI can complete this audit for you so that you stay ahead of any potential issues. Through this approach, PRI’s clients have consistently showcased remarkable success. As soon as your staff is aware of the presence of expert auditors onsite twice a year, verifying controlled substance orders and dispensations, the potential incidence of employee diversion at your facility during PRI’s contract tenure diminishes to less than 1%*.

*PRI Statistical Data 1998-2024.

Controlled Substances Accountability Audits play a crucial role in maintaining compliance and integrity within organizations handling such substances. These audits systematically review ordering history, inventory records, dispensing practices, and security measures to ensure adherence to regulatory requirements and mitigate the risk of diversion or misuse. By meticulously examining procedures and documentation, these audits provide valuable insights into any potential discrepancies or vulnerabilities, allowing for timely corrective actions to be implemented. Moreover, they promote transparency, accountability, and ultimately contribute to the safeguarding of public health and safety.

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