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Ensure patient safety. Protect careers. Safeguard reputation.

Every DEA Registrant is responsible for providing effective controls and procedures to guard against theft and diversion of controlled substances. At $18,759 per DEA violation, these costs quickly add to the human toll of jeopardized patient safety and impaired healthcare workers.

PRI is the industry’s most comprehensive, most trusted resource for identifying violations of the Controlled Substances Act and detecting / preventing controlled substance diversion.

Serving our clients since 1998, we combine regulatory expertise with best case practices to ensure our clients are compliant with all controlled substances regulations and have processes / procedures in place to quickly identify employee diversion.

All DEA registrants, to include hospitals and healthcare providers, are obligated to adhere to the strict record-keeping requirements outlined in the Controlled Substances Act; failure to do so often leads to the diversion of controlled substances.

DEA Special Agent in Charge


DEA civil monetary penalty per violation of the Controlled Substances Act


Percent of healthcare workers that abuse drugs


Average amount of potential fines PRI discovers during each compliance audit

Problems We Solve

Are you a Chief Operating Officer, Risk Manager, or Pharmacy Director for a healthcare system, hospital, retail pharmacy, clinic, or other DEA-registered facility who is concerned about the accountability of your controlled substances?

With more than 25 years of experience with both state and federal regulations, our auditors will help your facility comply with controlled substances regulations, detect controlled substance diversion, and develop processes and procedures to effectively combat potential diversion by pharmacy and nursing staff.

Could your Pharmacists or Pharmacy Technicians be stealing controlled substances from your pharmacy without your knowledge?

During our Controlled Substances Compliance Audits, your PRI Team will be able to identify potential loopholes in your system and potentially identify anyone who needs further investigation.

Have you recently identified a diversion by a healthcare worker and need assistance determining the controlled substances and quantities to record on a DEA 106 Loss / Theft Report?

PRI’s Pharmacist Auditors will conduct in-depth, third-party reviews of all suspected diverter transactions to determine exact medications and quantities to report.

Are you the Program Director for your hospital’s Drug Diversion Program and would like to verify that your implemented procedures follow all DEA and state regulations?

PRI will complete a Controlled Substances Compliance Review of your healthcare system, providing a detailed report of violations and recommendations to ensure continued compliance with federal and state regulations. Additionally, with 25 years of reviewing healthcare systems, PRI can advise you of best practices that our current clients have implemented.

Are DEA Diversion Investigators onsite at your facility?

Contact PRI now. We will do everything possible to bring one of our team members to your site, ready to assist your facility with the DEA Audit. We will mitigate risk to your facility, serving as liaisons who will interface with DEA Diversion Investigators during onsite inspections.

Trusted Services

PRI provides six essential services to minimize controlled substances violations and diversion. While designed to be complementary, our services can be individualized to best serve each client’s needs.

Compliance Audits

Semiannual onsite reviews that identify non-compliant recordkeeping, reporting, and physical security points within your controlled substances distribution system that expose you to theft and diversion. Our best-in-class recommendations enable you to implement effective controls and procedures to reduce your liability during a DEA inspection.

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Diversion Audits

Comprehensive audits of user transactions by Pharmacist Auditors to identify and address any irregularities, ensuring the integrity of the medication administration process. This type of audit is crucial in healthcare settings to maintain patient safety and compliance with established procedures and standards.

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Accountability Audits

A third-party Controlled Substances Accountability Audit will give you confidence in your controlled substances accountability from procurement through dispensation.

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Monthly Nurse Audits

PRI reviews your nurses’ monthly controlled substance activity, trends their usage, and provides a prioritized review watch list. Based on the prioritized review list, we conduct audits of each nurse to ensure accountability for all controlled substances and allow your pharmacy and nursing staff to focus on healthcare.

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Biennial Inventories

PRI can help you manage the complexity of a health system-wide physical inventory. Our thorough and comprehensive biennial inventory process will ensure the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of the biennial inventory data, while minimizing staff disruptions.

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Legal Support

Comprehensive investigatory and expert testimony service for organizations needing to respond to legal challenges due to controlled substance diversion violations.

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