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You’ve received a phone call that a nurse, CRNA, or pharmacist could be diverting a controlled substance from your facility. What are your next steps? With 25+ years of experience, PRI has identified the most efficient procedures that will alleviate the stress and strain this situation causes your facility. Our clients are our priority – so once we are made aware of a diversion incident – your situation becomes our urgent priority.

PRI will conduct in-depth, third party audits of known or suspected diverter transactions and administrations. Our comprehensive, detailed audits are completed by Pharmacist Auditors that can then be used to supplement reporting requirements to DEA on DEA Form 106, state controlled substances regulatory boards, nursing boards, medical boards, and pharmacy boards.

Outsourcing audits ensures top-tier regulatory compliance. Our PRI auditors swiftly and proficiently handle audits, leveraging their deep understanding of industry diversion trends. This minimizes your facility’s liability and ensures timely regulatory steps.

Typical items reviewed include:

  • Physician orders
  • Controlled substance withdrawals
  • Vital signs
  • Anesthesia Flow Charts
  • MARs
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