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PRI’s Controlled Substances Compliance Reviews ™ are recognized in the pharmaceutical industry as the most valued, comprehensive controlled substance audits available nationwide. The end result includes both an executive-level overview of violations of the Controlled Substances Act and potential diversion issues, along with a detailed breakdown of all noted violations and an all-inclusive report-out.

  • A full review of daily, monthly, and annual controlled substances records
  • Thorough audits on recordkeeping systems including, but not limited to, BD CIISafe and Pyxis, Omnicell Controlled Substance Manager, and Acudose
  • A detailed review of operational procurement processes beginning with the initial wholesale / distributor order to the final disposition of the medication
  • Anesthesia Record Audits
  • Nursing Record Audits
  • Compound and Controlled Drug Administration Record Reviews
  • Floor Station Reviews
  • Policy and Procedure Reviews

Upon completion of the thorough onsite reviews conducted by our PRI Teams, your facility will easily be able to identify each controlled substance record that needs correction and/or education, and through this, you will be left with a sense of peace knowing that your facility could pass a DEA inspection of the past two years’ worth of records with zero or minimal fines.

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